Academic Resources

The opportunities below are just a subset of opportunities that you might find useful as you navigate your degree.



Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) of UBC

What is it? The official AMS club associated with the Department of Psychology

Why check it out? Valuable opportunities to check out student events, meet fellow Psychology majors, develop leadership experience as an executive, etc.

Other details? Only $10/year to join, a bargain considering all of the amenities that accompany membership.



UBC Chapter of Psi Chi

What is it? The UBC Chapter of the international honour society in Psychology.

Why check it out? Membership is a privilege and honour and is based on academics. Eligibility for local and international awards, graduation regalia, etc.

Other details? Membership cycles occur every September, January and May.



UBC Undergraduate Journal of Psychology (note: website under development)

What is it? Our department’s in-house publication for outstanding research-based works (i.e., empirical study, literature review).

Why check it out? Great opportunity to publish your written work, also to develop peer review and leadership experience as a reviewer or editor.

Other details? Check out the website for more information!



UBC Psychology Undergraduate Journal Club

What is it? Our department’s in-house journal club for analyzing research published by UBC Psychology faculty members.

Why check it out? Great opportunity to get to know what your faculty do, connect with peers interested in advancing their critical thinking skills.

Other details? Admission is competitive. Deadline to apply: 08-Sept-2015 at 12PM (click HERE)



UBC Arts Co-op Program

What is it? An opportunity to gain valuable paid work experience while you earn your degree

Why check it out? If you’re keen to enter the workforce after your degree at UBC, this is one of the best ways to prepare yourself to be as competitive as possible!

Other details? Admission is competitive and there are deadlines to apply.



UBC Community Service Learning (CSL)

What is it? Resources to help you put your degree to work in the community

Why check it out? Great learning happens in the classroom but this is a powerful opportunity to tackle problems or challenges in our community, our nation, and our world.

Other details? There are lots of resources here, including grants you can compete for to do work that is central to our goals.



Ten Thousand Coffees Program

What is it? An opportunity for junior and senior undergraduates to connect with an established professional working in the real-world.

Why check it out? It’s a powerful opportunity to develop work-related skills (e.g., networking).

Other details? Check out the website for more information!